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Welcome to the "Of the Abyss" Website!

This site is currently under construction.  Though "Of the Abyss" is a guild which has stretched across multiple games, our current focus is on Guild Wars 2.  However, if you see us on another game, it's probably the same members. 
I will clean up and maintain the site as I have time, but in the meantime please feel free to apply for membership and get playing with us!

-Aakav, Guild Leader

Welcome to All of Our New Members!

Aakav, Sep 19, 12 7:18 PM.
Let me take this opportunity to welcome anyone new to the guild.  We've had quite a few new people join, actually.  It's still a tiny guild, but it's nice to see friends join and whatnot.  Please feel free to sign up - I think it technically requires you to apply, but if you're already joined in the game then just blow through the application process with random jibberish and I'll accept you anyway.  After you've joined, go ahead and add your characters to the Roster, declare their focused crafting abilities on the Resources page, take part in the Forums, or read whatever I have posted in the Library.  Eventually, I want to get the Bank actually functional if we end up having stuff in the bank, and the Raid Calendar and DKP sections will be further considered as I see a need for them (if at all).  This site's just an unattractive shell right now, but I feel like if we all participate, the content will make it useful for us.  Anyway, enjoy the site and I'll see you online!

Helpful Tips in the Library!

Aakav, Sep 19, 12 7:10 PM.
I posted a fairly long list of tips for those who are just diving into Guild Wars 2.  This is a bunch of stuff I wish I knew right from the start, so it's there for you to know, in case you didn't know it already.  It's called "Some Tips for Newbies" and it's in the Library section under the General heading.  Check it out!  And just let me know if you think anything should be added or changed there.

Guild Wars 2 Released

Aakav, Aug 31, 12 5:20 PM.
Well, it's finally here!  We are now officially on Guild Wars 2, in the World of Blackgate.  Seek us out or apply for recruitment on here - we're always looking for new members!
Of the Abyss is currently recruiting for all classes. We are n00b-friendly, and support any play-frequency. We require a relatively mature attitude, but strict professionalism is boring and not required. A good sense of humor is also recommended.
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